OSM WebMapping with GeoJSON

Pubs in the old town of DüsseldorfVersion 1.4.x of OSM-IQ can export OSM data to GeoJSON. All columns that have been set visible in the result list will be exported as attribute of the GeoJSON feature.

In addition to the json file an html and JavaScript file is copied to the destination folder.  
GeoJSON and JavaScript libraries (such as OpenLayers or Leaflet) are a very easy way to publish spatial data in a webproject. The files just have to be copied to a (normal) webserver without the need to set up a web-mapping-server.
As GeoJSON contains also attribute information, you can create popups that contain all tags of the OSM features.

Click on the images to see the examples.

  • All points tagged with "Amenity: Pub" in Düsseldorf
  • All areas that contain any "Amenity" tag in Freising
  • Lines tagged with "Highway: Primary" in Brasilia 

Please note: Most browsers do not allow to load data from the local file system. If you don´t use Firefox, you probably need to install a local webserver (like nginx) to test the result and serve the files on localhost.

Amenities Freising